What is TGX

Whether cash is tight or sales are hard to generate at the PRICE you want (not pennies on the dollar at some auction sites), members of The Guild Exchange will “TRADE” for the things they need and want with their earned ETV‘s -using their products and services, excess inventory, stuff sitting around or surplus time capacity as payment!  Most people think that this is barter.  Barter typically involves two people who agree to exchange a product or service for something else they want.  Most of the time the true value of each item is not considered as part of the deal.  This can result in one person being left with less than they entered into the agreement with.  This is not what TGX promotes.  We believe that the transaction should be a win/win for both the individual seeking to transact a trade and the businesses that participate.   The benefit to conducting trade exchange transactions is that the seller can receive true value for each item or service they sell to the members of the network.   Barter leaves you feeling frustrated at times and many people don’t have the skills to negotiate what might be a fair exchange.

Using Money Already Spent

What if you could pay off those high interest credit card bills and get rid of the 9-18 % interest charges or higher and pay for what your needs are with the resources you already possess? This means the stuff (your inventory) sitting around that hasn’t moved or the excess time or lack of work? Everyone has unused resources that they could turn into capital for improving your personal standard of living. Now instead of pulling out credit cards or loans to remodel, travel or whatever, you simply tap into those unused resources. In other words, why not use the money you have already spent? The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk had a secret. The golden egg was nothing more than making good use of the resources he already possessed!

Get More Connected

By becoming a member of The Guild Exchange community, your network of contacts is significantly enhanced by the professional and individual relationships that are developed. Those new found business and individual relationships often turn into additional cash referrals as well!

Why NOT improve your personal quality of Life?

You can purchase all kinds of products and services to improve your quality of life – from restaurants, resorts, spas, jewelry, clothing, cars, and trips, to dentistry, medical services, remodeling, and practical items.  Paying for weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvah gifts, house warming, holiday celebrations.  Using some of your excess service capacity, inventories, items collecting dust around the house can turn into any of the things and more that are mentioned above.  

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