Main Features

• Selling

Expand your marketplace to our global community.  TGX offers Global marketing of your products or services at regular, retail value.  Rather than having to settle for discounting or accepting pennies on the dollar auction site pricing. Move idle resources creating, new sales and new customers.

• Buying

Increase your buying power by using money you’ve already spent. Keep your cash and spend your ETVs (Electronic Transfer of Value) on personal and business expenses. The ability to purchase against your wholesale cost of SALE (the difference between getting a small cash price at auction vs. regular street or retail price doing business in our Global Community.

• Low Cost

Until now participation in organized trade groups have been cost prohibitive with cash sign up fees, monthly cash/trade dues and cash transaction fees.  TGX offers our business clients a one-time sign-up fee which compares with most Chamber Fees and then low cash monthly dues as long as you remain a member.  We never charge service fees or travel fees. Our transaction fees are 100% trade!  Now you can budget your trading activity and feel secure you can sell and purchase without concern of the cost of participation. 

• Non-Profits

TGX offers  NO FEE  accounts to any qualified 501 C3 Non-Profit organizations.  We also include our exclusive business budget analysis that is offered to our Business Advantage members in order to identify potential sources of additional donations and ways to offset expenses and support the organization and its recipients.


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