About TGX

The Guild Exchange™ TGX was born out of desire to help individuals and business owners improve their personal standard of living.

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Our Vision:

Global Commerce creating resources for the betterment of the community.

Our Mission:

Integrating knowledge, service and technology that will lead to expansion of the community and its economic resources for the enhancement of the individual’s standard of living.

About TGX:

By serving the small to medium business community, we help them to compete against the large retailers. We bring a toolkit of products and services to help make and save business owners money and keep more profits in their bank accounts. The TGX Total Toolkit comprises of the following products and services:

By serving everyday consumers we enable communities to leverage resources by exchanging things they have for things they want or need and even donating to their favorite non-profit organizations and enhance their ability to sustain their mission and keep going.

TGX customers list their products or services in the online network. Shop online in the Trading Post or in person using your earned ETV’S for travel, entertainment, merchandise, business products or services, maintenance, printing and much more.

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